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There has been a lot of fuss about viewing problems in the poshest areas of the course at Ascot, but what many commentators have failed to mention - or perhaps notice - is that the Royal meeting , for all the trappings of finery, is a surprisingly democratic race night.  There is no question that if you want to go the whole hog, with a table in the new grandstand, a hired morning coat and a new hat for the missus, plus all the champagne you can guzzle, you can spend the thick end of £5000 and still not see much more than the back of someone's top hat.  However, not far away from the land of silk and money exists another race night, with its own codes and traditions, that is every bit as much fun and a whole lot more relaxed.  Basic entry to the smart bit costs more than £50, but for just £15 you can enter the adjacent Silver Ring and experience all the fun of a marvellous race night for a fraction of the toffs' expenditure.  Remember, you will be watching the same horses.  A small percentage of the crowd here are standard race night punters, in t-shirts and jeans and clutching battered copies of the Racing Post.  On any other day they might be at Redcar, or Ripon, but here they are watching a better class of racing.  Most of the Silver Ring crowd, however, have made a sartorial effort.  The ladies are immaculate [...]