Cheap Race Night Downloads UK Horse Racing Fundraising Packages

Sadly the UK did not reopen in June as hoped and we are now waiting until mid July to see if there is any better news. The hospitality sector has been badly hit by the Corona Virus and as we are a company that supplies this industry the continued closure of venues for entertainment has greatly hit our fundraising customers.

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The good news is that Race Night Services is still here and are shelves are packed ready for the long delayed start to begin.

On visiting our website you will notice a £10 off voucher code – EHF4675 to help customers with their first post lockdown purchase.

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If you are a long standing customer of Race Night Services you may have other voucher codes from past purchases. All are still valid and the way our website works more than one voucher can be used at any one time.

FREE UK DELIVERY on all postal orders

Don’t forget all our postal packs come with free UK Royal Mail postage included as we try to do our bit in getting you off to a good fundraising start.

Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams DIY DVD Package

We are only a phone call or email away to answer any of your questions. Good luck with your fundraising. Derek

While venues may still be restricted to capacity for the next few months at least, we recommend our Economy fundraising kit ideal for crowds of up to 50 people attending. This pack contains all you need including the following.

  • Race Night DVD DIY Pack – 10 UK horse races + Introduction DVD
  • Now includes FREE Novelty Race DVD
  • Made for small venues, sports teams, PTAs etc
  • Over 2,500 betting tickets (new style with individual serial numbers for easy working out of payouts and profits)
  • All races have 8 horses + exciting finishes
  • CD-ROM contains: how to raise funds/betting instructions, Excel betting program, printable race cards, posters, tri-cast etc
  • A3 race card (for owners and sponsors)
  • The commentary on the race night DVD is by number only (e.g. “horse number 5 is in first place”).  This means you can either use the novelty names provided, or name the horses yourself
  • Price includes postage
  • For an additional £5, you can download the races onto your hard drive (instead of receiving a DVD)
  • We dispatch the pack within three working days and any backup download will be sent to your email address on dispatch of your posted pack
  • Express Dispatch available for an extra £10

Cheap Race Night Downloads UK Horse Pig Racing Fundraising Packages