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Race Night Services has been established for over twenty years. During this time we have dispatched hundreds of thousands of race night products to people with charitable causes close to their own heart. Our head office is situated in the heart of a busy shopping centre, next door to Santander Bank.

Race Night Services was founded by three fellow businessmen, who had regularly bumped into one another at various charity events during the 1980s. After a lot of small talk, and several more in-depth discussions, they realised that they had a lot of ideas in common regarding fundraising, and they soon exploited a niche in the market. An activity that was once restricted to an audience of racing enthusiasts was now opened up to the masses. Not only did we revolutionise the methods involved, we also introduced the latest state-of-the-art equipment, leaving our competitors for dust! Twenty years later, we are still pushing the boundaries and reinventing the wheel with new and innovative ideas, setting the pace for everyone else to follow.

We offer a wonderful range of race night packages to suit all budgets, and we won’t ask you to spend a penny more than you need to! Whether it is a school PTA, a local sports team or a registered charity, we love nothing more than helping people raise as much as they can for a worthy cause.