Novelty Funny Horse Names – Race Cards Explained

What’s essential for every fundraising horse racing evening? Race cards.

One of the most important things on a fundraising race night is the monies that can be raised in advance of the event evening by the selling of the race card.

The race card enables you to raise money by selling the owners and jockeys to interested people.

8 Horse Races – Buy Instant Downloads or DVD’s via Royal Mail

On a race night there will always be 8 horses in every race and we provide novelty names to help you raise funds. We are often asked how do we make up these names, what we try to do is come up with a theme and listed below are some examples of these.

  • Eight breakfast cereals – Weetabix, Frosties etc
  • Eight fast food outlets – Pizza Express, McDonalds etc
  • Eight mobile phone providers – Apple, Samsung etc
  • Eight clothes brand names – Ted Baker, Nike etc
  • Eight sporting venues – Wembley, Wimbledon etc

In race one we try to get the event off to a laugh by naming the horses in a light hearted way, here are two examples of the first race on the card.

Horse 1 Neil Downe                                        Horse 1 Turbo Charged

Horse 2 Holly Day                                           Horse 2 Slow Starter

Horse 3 Justin Case                                          Horse 3 Rocket Fuel

Horse 4 Penny Less                                          Horse 4 Roly Poly

Horse 5 Alan Key                                             Horse 5 Grease Lightning

Horse 6 Hoof Hearted                                       Horse 6 Wooden Spoon

Horse 7 Robin Banks                                        Horse 7 Long Shot

Horse 8 Ben Dover                                           Horse 8 Supersonic


You will be surprised how many people would back Horse 4 Roly Poly to win rather than Horse 1 Turbo Charged. Maybe it is the reverse thought that Turbo Charged can’t be that good and Roly Poly can’t be that bad.

It doesn’t really matter which horse you back as you have no idea how good it is as no part of the race film can be shown until the betting has closed on that race. This is because a race night is run without the need for a license as you are raising funds for a worthy cause. This is why no odds are shown.

Many customers ask can they name the horses themselves rather than use the names we provide. Yes, you can do this as all our race night films have a commentary by number, “number 5 leads with number 7 coming up strong in second place, with number 4 making up ground on the rails” is an example.

One of the main reasons for naming your own horses is that you can come with some novel and funny names for people in your organisation and as it raises a laugh it gets punters into the party mood of having a good time.

In each of our packs we provide two A3 size race cards, one with our provided topical names and the other is blank enabling you to name your own horses. The choice is yours and having these funny and topical names encourages people to be owners and jockeys to raise those much needed extra funds on your fundraiser.

Selling owners and jockeys enables you to raise funds in advance of the race night. If you sell the eight owners in a race for £5 each you will bring in £40 for your fundraiser even selling the eight jockeys in a race for £3 will bring in £24. With usually have eight races on a race night this starts to add up as a lot of extra funds for your fundraiser.

The only outgoing cost is that the winning owner and jockey in each race will require a prize, try to get these prizes donated or sponsored to enable you to keep as much money as possible in your fundraising pot.