Race Night Downloads – Customer Testimonials

We take customers’ comments and feedback seriously and listed below are a few that have arrived recently.

We don’t promise to solve your problem within five minutes but we do try our best to help in as a quick a time as possible. This happened the other week when I was walking back to my car from a football match and a customer phoned, panicking that his DVD had stopped working and his race night was about to start. I said “Give me 40 minutes to get back home and I will send you downloads of the races to use.”

Live Horse Race Evening Problem Solving

He explained to his audience what was happening and they waited patiently while they ran the raffle at the beginning of the night instead of in the middle. An hour later the race night began using the download races and panic over.

The customer did promise to take our advice and double check his race DVD’s in advance next time.

No CD Drive? No Problem with a Race Night Download

Chris Darling

“Unfortunately my new laptop does not have a CD drive, so it’s been difficult to get access to the available material on the CDrom”

We supplied the files as PDF’s for him to download direct.

“Amazing, thank you so much for your help” was his reply.