UK Horse Racing Downloads for Charity Fundraising Nights

Race Night Services have been organising race night events for over 25 years and have been a leader in fundraising in this sector.

Our library of races is now over one hundred races of UK run races both on the flat and over the jumps and supplied in packs that also include the tote betting tickets and all supporting paperwork.

Race Night Downloads – 3 Types of Packages

  1. The Economy pack caters for events of around 50 people attending
  2. Our Budget Price Saver pack for events of up to 100 people attending
  3. And the Premier pack for large events of up to 200 people attending

*All the materials in the pack are the same – only the amount of tote betting tickets supplied being the difference as the more people likely to attend your event the more tote betting tickets will be required.

Horse Racing Charity Night Packages – Greyhound or Pig Bonus

In each pack you receive the following:

  • Beginners Guide to Race Nights booklet (12 pages A4 size)
  • Giant Colour Race Card
  • Colour A4 poster
  • How the Betting Works Leaflet
  • How to Raise £1000 leaflet
  • CDrom containing lots of extra fundraising ideas
  • DVD containing 10 UK races, a mixture of races on the flat and over the jumps
  • Bonus race which is either a greyhound race or novelty pig race

You Always Get Different Horse Races – We Value Our Clients

We keep a database of all races supplied to customers which means you will never receive the same races twice if you order from us again.

We now can also supply the races as downloads which is becoming more and more popular as DVD players are more difficult and expensive to obtain and laptops are becoming rarer with DVD hard drives no longer being part of the design.

Race Nights are Evolving in the UK – from 16mm Films to Digital Downloads

The progress in race night equipment has changed remarkably over the years, in 1993 when Race Night Services first entered the field we were supplying the races on 16mm films played through a movies style projector.

Race Night DVDs Horse Racing Package UK Pigs Greyhounds Charity Fundraising Ideas Buy Online Tote Tickets sharegrid-LbzWs77C6Jc-unsplashThe races were expensive to produce as a 16mm film and this meant they were hired rather than purchased as part of the pack.

The advent of VHS video was a major breakthrough in cutting down costs, although it did mean that copying of the races became an infringement of our copyright and we had problems at times with fake copies of our races entering the market and we had to take legal action in some cases.



DVD’s of Horse Racing

When DVD’s first arrived on the scene it meant for the first time we were able to supply the races on a single disc rather than as individual races as each DVD has its own menu on the front screen allowing customers to choose the races in any order they choose to comply with the legalities of a race night being held as it is random selection of the race.

As a quick reminder the race cannot be chosen until the tote betting desk has closed meaning no one has any idea of which one of the available races is going to be shown.

Also a good thing to remember is that there needs to be more races on the DVD than what is going to be shown on the evening, so as when the final race of the evening is chosen there is more than one race available.

We recommend showing 8 races on the evening plus the use of our bonus novelty race in the mid evening break.