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Race Night Services blog November 2020

Well, another lockdown is in place in England to go alongside those operating in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and it seems we all have put our heads down and get on with it.

2020 with all the deaths and illnesses caused by Covid 19 has been one to forget. People’s jobs and livelihoods have gone down the pan and a lot of people not covered by furlough or self employed schemes have really struggled.

We made the decision at Race Night Services not to go into furlough in March initially to see how the land lies and it was a decision that has proven correct in the following months.


Here is a sample race from our mid range race sets download #4 £32.95 for ten races: Click here for a UK horse race  

Remember you can raise funds for a chosen charity or good cause, have family entertainment with a donation to charity. Or just good old fashioned family fun by having a points system by predicating the most winners or placed horses. Click to visit our Virtual Race Night Lockdown Downloads.

The most popular point system has been for each race

Predict the Winner 10 points, 2nd place 5 points, 3rd place 2 points

With the person who has the most points at the end of the racing being declared the Winner of the game of Sport of Kings.

Please email us with your enquiries!

Our Virtual race night entertainment page on our website has received plenty of hits which have resulted in lots of phone calls, texts and emails which we have been busy answering through the last six months. For us it is easier to answer by email as we can then supply links to information to help you, but for those who are not fans of modern technology a phone call is as they used to say in the BT advert “it’s good to speak”.

New Horse Race Downloads Coming Soon

Business has not been hectic and it is run since March at roughly 50% of what we would expect in a normal trading year. But it has been enough to keep the business running and more importantly we have been able to supply downloads to friends, families and businesses wanting entertainment during lockdown. Late November and December we will be adding some new races to the downloads page, including UK horse racing, horse racing from sunny Mauritius and some novelty races including UK trotting races from York.

Virtual Christmas Parties for Businesses

These races we feel will help family get togethers and postponed office parties over the Christmas period when instead of us all being in one place together we will be in touch via Zoom. Hand on heart how many people before March this year had heard of furlough and Zoom?

8 Runners Per Race

We often get asked what is the quality of the races like and how do they look. There are eight runners in every race and they are numbered one to eight. Meaning you can name the runners yourselves or use the novelty names we provide. Check out our Charity Fundraising Ideas blog post.

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Until next time, stay safe Derek