Zoom Virtual Race Night Family Entertainment 2021

Welcome to 2021 it looks like another year of not knowing what is around the corner in business as well as our personal lives.

Race Night Services finished off 2020 by supplying downloads of our races for people to enjoy at home and keep in touch with friends and family via Zoom and having a bit of racing fun. The easy points system that we suggested went down very well according to customers who got back in touch.

Free Horse Race Download – Claim Yours Now

Here is a sample race from our mid range race sets download #4 £32.95 for ten races: Click here for a UK horse race  

Remember you can raise funds for a chosen charity or good cause, have family entertainment with a donation to charity. Or just good old fashioned family fun by having a points system by predicating the most winners or placed horses. Click to visit our Virtual Race Night Lockdown Downloads.

Fun Horse Form Guide with Personal Commentary from Derek

All our races contain eight runners with a commentary and a fun form guide by number. Each person selects three runners in the race and the points system works like this.
First place 10 points, second place 5 points and third place 2 points. At the end of the racing the person with the most points is declared the winner. It seems like the most popular board games the simpler you keep it the more fun you have.

Novelty Race Night Virtual Downloads – Try Pig Racing

While not posting our race night packs with venues being closed because of the pandemic and very little fundraising taking place we used the extra time to put together some really good race DVD’s and downloads and over the Christmas holiday period the ten race Novelty set we put together was a great hit.

The Novelty set of races included greyhound racing, Irish fun pig races, (Buy the DVD for only £5 now) UK trotting racing from York and a couple of bonus horse races from sun drenched Mauritius to try and warm you up.

UK Post Delivery of DVD’s and Tote Tickets

We made the decision also that because of Brexit we would become a UK only seller of our postal packs. When we went through all the new paperwork we had to complete for customs purposes and all the red tape surrounding it, it was decided that it was not worth the trouble.

We will review this when everything settles down and fellow business club members tell me of their success or otherwise and make a further decision in the near future. We stopped supplying postal packs to the USA a couple of years ago because of the hold ups in US customs and the different state rules regarding fundraising race nights. Maybe with them now being Trumpless it may make things easier and we will review this also.

The extra time I had with no fund raising season from September to November meant I could get on with a lot of background work in my personal life. A database for my Brennan JB7 mp3 player, which downloaded all my CD’s and put them on a storage device no bigger than a paperback book. I now have over 1200 CD’s in one place and I am able to make as many play lists as I wish to listen to my favourite music while working away in the home office.

Another thing I have started is thanks to a brilliant Epson Scanner bought for me for Christmas by my son Gavin is that I am now scanning all personal and holiday photographs from years gone by to a hard drive and I am building up quite a collection to bore friends and family with when we can finally all get together in the same house some time in the not to distant future.

The one thing this dreadful virus has taught me is not to put things off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Until next time stay safe, Derek