Virtual Downloads for Race Nights Charity Fundraising From Home

  • Fundraising Idea for NHS and Local Charities collecting during the COVID-19 lockdown
  • As featured in April 2020’s SUNDAY MIRROR rated⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5
  • Race Night Instant Downloads – Worldwide Service
  • 10 races with very exciting finishes. 8 horses per race
  • Buy horse racing tote tickets separately if required – NHS or local charity fundraising idea for friends and family

We are certainly living in a strange world at the moment with the Corona Virus affecting us all. Race Night Services has certainly seen a drop in business, not surprising really as we supply fundraising race night packs for organisations and venues. What we have been trying to do in the background is getting ready and being prepared once life returns to something like normality.

Because of lockdown and lots of people wanting to help the NHS with small fundraisers via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype etc our horse race night downloads page contains a £10 discount voucher code EHF4675 (for all orders over £25).

10 UK Horse Races #1 £42.95


Ten brand new races filmed at a variety of prestigious UK racecourses

  • 10 UK horse races (8 horses per race)
  • The race commentary only mentions the number of each horse (e.g. “Horse number 3 is in first place”)
  • Printable betting tickets.  Print as many tickets as you want… as often as you like!
  • The download also includes the following files: Beginners Guide, Excel betting spreadsheet, PowerPoint race card, printable poster (to advertise your event), Tri-Cast Fundraiser etc
  • Technical specifications: 10 AVI files, Resolution=720 x 576, 25 frames/second
  • IMPORTANT: If you haven’t already got VLC Media Player installed on your laptop, please remember to click on the link below and download it for FREE!

Planning Ahead For Exciting Horse Race Finishes 2020

I have been busy watching footage of races that will be of interest to add to our library later in the year. I am looking for 8 runner races with exciting finishes. It’s not as easy as it sounds, check out the racing papers once horse racing resumes and you will see that there are not as many eight runner races as you would think, especially one’s with a grandstanding finish to keep you on your toes.

Getting new masters made for our DVD’s that will contain ten races on the first screen. In the past our masters contained eight races on screen one and a further two races on screen two. This was to maximise the visual quality of the races but lately we have discovered a way of producing the extra two races on the first screen without impacting on quality.

Race Night Tote Tickets – Buy Online

Our printers have been busy stockpiling the race night tote tickets and we await a large delivery that needed plenty of space to be allocated to them, looks like I will be getting my recommended daily exercise without the need to go to the gym.

Adding races to our dedicated download page on the website and with a new line of novelty races due to a demand from customers for something different.

My accountant will be well pleased as I am using all this spare time to get my accounts ready nice and early this financial year and hopefully he rewards me with a lower than usual invoice.

Finally, wishing good health to our friends and customers.