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Another month into the lockdown in the UK and even with the slight easing of restrictions nothing much has changed in the fundraising sector we supply.

We made the decision in April 2020 not to furlough the company or staff as I felt we could be of some use to customers trying to have small fundraisers or just trying to have some family fun using Zoom with our Virtual Race Night Lockdown Downloads.

Race Night Lockdown Family Fun Virtual Online

It was a great decision as we are hearing from customers telling us about their race night and this is one of the reasons I decided to give away ten free race night packs to customers who got in touch to tell us what they were doing or were going to do.

In our July 2020 blog we will tell you about some more of our winners, Gary Fox, Ben ONeill and Gary Kirton. 

Google Meet versus Zoom – Video Conferencing Software in 2020

From this feedback Zoom is by far the most popular way of different household meet ups, but coming up on the rails strong (excuse the racing puns) is Google Meet who realised they were falling behind and had to get the whip out.

Virtually every customer is making a donation to charity with their nights regardless of whether or not it is fundraising or family and friends fun and with this in mind we at Race Night Services will be making an extra donation ourselves to our chosen charities this year.

Rockingham Colliery Cricket Club of Barnsley Charity Fundraiser

Let’s tell you a bit about some of our winners of the free race night packs first up Steve Taylor of Rockingham Colliery Cricket Club of Barnsley, who held a virtual race night to raise funds and here is what Steve told us via email.

“Our event is running Friday 29th May where we are raising money to be split between our cricket club – Rockingham Colliery CC and a project that we are running with  St. Aidan’s Primary School, Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe”

More information can be found about our project here on a Google cloud document

“In a nutshell, we have been fortunate enough to sponsor a few Zimbabwe cricket ‘rising stars’ as our overseas player for the past three seasons. A bunch of our members went over to visit and went to the primary school that a couple of them went to. The kids and the school have very little but our members fell in love with the place.

We now have a project running with the aim of making St. Aidans Primary School the best cricket school in Zimbabwe and providing a pathway for elite junior cricketers to realise their potential.

Everyone thinks that we have COVD-19 lockdown bad, but the stark realisation over there is that, if they don’t work, they don’t eat and we fear that the starvation may kill people before the virus gets them. Sad, sad times.”

How To Run A Race Night Tips

The person who has made the download acts as the host for the evening, and works out the timings and payouts.

Each person donates £10 for taking part.  For example, 25 people (over 10 households) brings in £250. If a donation of £50 is made to the NHS, this leaves you £200 in prize money (or £25 a race if showing 8 races).

Each person bets £1 per race on a horse (N.B. Each race contains 8 horses, numbered 1 to 8).  Remember, you can give the runners fun names if you want, as the commentary is by number (e.g. Horse number 5 leads from 8)

At the end of the race, only the winning horse pays out.  In this instance, if 5 people backed the winning horse, they would each receive £5

i.e. £25 ÷ 5 = £5

If 10 people had backed the winning horse, they would receive £2.50 each

i.e. £25 ÷ 10 = £2.50

By sticking to these rules you will never pay out more money that what you brought in.  Furthermore, by not offering betting odds, you have complied with current legislation.

  1. Hosting a race night for fun and entertainment

A lot of people are hosting race nights to celebrate family birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Get everybody who is taking part to link up to either Zoom / Google Meet / Facebook / Skype etc.

The person who has made the download acts as the host for the evening, and works out the timings and updating the score card.

Each person is allocated 3 x £10 fun money bets on each race, on three different runners (one £10 bet per runner) with the following odds:

1st = 10/1  i.e. win £100

2nd = 5/1  i.e. win £50

3rd = 2/1  i.e. win £20

… read more on our race night downloads page

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