Is a race night legal?

Yes, it is an entertaining game of chance with no skills involved. For a full leaflet and Department of Culture guidelines please contact our office.

Can we name our own horses?

Yes! When we send our free information pack (details below), included will be a Giant Gold Race Card on which you can insert your sponsors’, owners’ & jockeys’ names. This card is pre-named, but as all our races have an introduction and commentary using saddle cloth numbers only (e.g. “number 1 leads from number 4”), this means that you can give the horses names of your own choice. Our website homepage now allows you to download a word document race card, containing race night horses names, free of charge.

How much notice do you need?

All normal orders are dispatched on a 48hr delivery via Royal Mail Tracked.We can dispatch urgent orders for a next day delivery (extra charge), so you can leave it as late as that, but we do advise for a successful event to give yourself between two and six weeks to maximise our “How to raise £1000” ideas we have given you.

Can I lose money on the betting?

No! Your bets on the night are in a tote format and simple to run and understand. If for instance on Race One you took £100 worth of bets, you would split this money in two. 50% goes to the fundraiser (£50) and 50% goes to your winning ticket holders also in this case £50. All bets are placed at £1 per ticket. The payout divides the amount of money in the pot by the amount of winning tickets. For instance with a payout pot of £50, ten winning tickets holders would get £5 each ticket and five winning ticket holders would get £10 each ticket.

How do I pay?

We accept cash/cheques, all major credit and debit cards, paypal or order from our secure internet shop and pay online. We are open 9am til 5pm Monday-Friday and 9am til 12pm on a Saturday. Call on 07800 787462 or email [email protected]

Please contact us for a free information pack & order form.