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As Covid 19 restrictions have been lifted we are pleased to pass on a 10% off discount code RNS8500 to help our customers restart their fundraising. UKRAINE please use the £10 off discount code EHF4675 if raising funds to help the people of Ukraine.

Download Races Online from the Race Night Specialist
Choose from UK horse racing, UK greyhound races & Irish pig racing
PLEASE NOTE: Debit/credit cards or PayPal accepted. Immediately after you purchase a download, an automated email is sent to your email address. Please remember to check your inbox and junk folder, as this email will contain a link to your download files.
Download race nights for use in Venues or at home via Zoom etc.
10 races in each download and as the vast majority of race nights show either 8 or 9 races during the event, this then gives you an extra race to experiment with in advance to make sure that everything is working with no on the night hiccups.

3 ways to use our products

Fundraising (DOWNLOAD our How To Run a Race Night guide)
Entertainment with a donation to charity
Entertainment with fun money or on a points system

Please note all our races contain 8 runners per race and have a commentary by number (5 leads from 7 etc). Meaning you can use our suggested fun names provided or make up your own to add a personal touch to your race night.

We are now also supplying a Tote Calculator Payout System Free with all download orders, click here https://racenightsoftware.co.uk/calculator

We recommend that you download VLC Media Player for error free sound & vision. Please click on the link (below) and download VLC Media Player for FREE – https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.en-GB.html

Race Night Fundraising

The traditional way to raise funds for your organisation. Payouts are a 50/50 split between winning race tickets holders and the cause you are raising funds for. Meaning you cannot lose money on the betting and you comply with the rules of holding a race night without the need for a license.

We are finding more and more people are downloading the races rather than purchasing a DVD. The download also includes files enabling you to print out the paperwork required to raise extra funds in advance of the night itself.  You can either purchase the tote betting tickets required from our dedicated page http://www.racenightservices.co.uk/product-category/tickets/ or take advantage of our Print Your Own Tickets download priced at only .59p. This download is a PDF file.

Entertainment with a donation to your chosen charity.

Used by clubs and companies in a venue or friends and family at home. You can run this type of event as a traditional race night, betting with actual money but making a 90% payout and a 10% donation to your chosen charity or good cause. You can tweak the payouts and donation by simply agreeing on your own percentage.

Use our free tote calculator for payouts https://racenightsoftware.co.uk/calculator

Entertainment on a points system or use fun money

During Lockdowns 2020/21 this became a real popular way of entertainment at home via Zoom, it can also be used on a house party night or in venues on  promotion night.

Most popular format – everyone picks three runners in each race and if any of their selections finish in the first three past the winning post they receive – 10 points for first place, 5 points for second place and 2 points for third place. The person with the most points at the end of the racing is declared the winner.

You may wish to use fun money instead of points and the odds for the three selections would be – 1st place 10/1 – 2nd place 5/1 – 3rd place 2/1

DOWNLOAD our Fun Entertainment guide