Best 2020 Race Night Downloads for Charity Fundraising

We have been supplying race night DIY products since 1993 and have tailored our range of items to suit all needs and events. You can choose our full packages or just racing DVD’s or tote betting tickets if you are just topping up your race night supplies.

Our full packages include all items that you will need both before and on the night of your race night.

Most Popular Race Night DVD’s and Tote Tickets

If you have ordered from us before our database tells us which races you have had in the past so no worries about people saying they have seen the races before at one your previous fundraising nights!

Our Most Popular Packages

Race Night DVD’s – Fun Names and a Fun Night

All our races contain eight runners with a commentary by number which make them ideal for fundraising purposes. As regards to the race card you can use the fun names we have provided or make up names yourself and have a good laugh by using topical names of people in your organisation.

Questions? Contact Race Night Services

Tel: 07800 787462 or drop us a message and we will look at your request in detail and come back to you with ideas to make yours the stand out event.

Tips for Organising a Race Night Charity Fundraising Event

Most race nights can be organised in a week, but we recommend up to four weeks to maximise your pre-night fundraising as the pre-night fundraising can amount to 50% of your total funds raised.

The majority of venues now have either large screens or multiple TVs around the room or a mixture of both, connecting to a venues system can save you lots of time with setting up equipment with the added bonus that the races can be viewed from most angles.

The amount of funds you can raise depends on your needs, we have customers who are delighted to have raised £200 and others who are disappointed if they have only raised £2000.

We often get asked do we need to have anything else on our race night as the entertainment, this can be anything from a raffle to a disco or band at the end of the evening to take the night into the early hours.

Extra entertainment can be fun but can lead to you having to curtail your fundraising to fit everything in which can defeat the objective of the night in raising funds for your worthwhile cause.

DJ / MC to help organise the horse racing betting and winning prizes

One advantage of using a DJ at the end of the evening means you can use him to provide background music during the night and in-between races and him and his equipment to make announcements. DJs can also move your night on by sorting out and raffles and auctions as this something they are used to overseeing and ten minutes saved here and there means you have more time to fit everything in without over running if the venue likes to abide by the law and finish on time.

By using our monthly tips above you can maximise your fundraising on your race night and come away with much needed funds for your organisation.