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7 April, 2022

Race Night Services Reviews “Over The Moon”

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Race Night Downloads - Customer Testimonials We take customers' comments and feedback seriously and listed below are a few that have arrived recently. We don’t promise to solve your problem within five minutes but we do try our best to help in as a quick a time as possible. This happened the other week when I was walking back to my car from a football match and a customer phoned, panicking that his DVD had stopped working and his race night was about to start. I said "Give me 40 minutes to get back home and I will send you downloads of the races to use." Live Horse Race Evening Problem Solving He explained to his audience what was happening and they waited patiently while they ran the raffle at the beginning of the night instead of in the middle. An hour later the race night began using the download races and panic over. The customer did promise to take our advice and double check his race DVD’s in advance next time. No CD Drive? No Problem with a Race Night Download Chris Darling “Unfortunately my new laptop does not have a CD drive, so it’s been difficult to get access to the available material on the CDrom” We supplied the files as PDF’s for him to download direct. “Amazing, thank you so much for your help” was his reply.                 Over The Moon with Customer Service Steve Lee Kirton was having the [...]

1 November, 2021

Race Night Downloads and Virtual Offers October 2021

By |2021-11-01T12:53:27+00:00November 1st, 2021|Charity fundraising ideas, News, Race Night Downloads, Race Night Downloads UK, Virtual Horse Race Downloads|Comments Off on Race Night Downloads and Virtual Offers October 2021

Virtual Race Night Downloads - Horse Racing for Fundraising The Race Night season has started up again in the new UK normal this autumn. Social distancing in venues is gathering pace and customers are telling us that although attending numbers are down a lot of people are getting into the spirit of leaving their bubbles and starting to enjoy each others company again. One thing that is becoming apparent is that when customers are ordering our packs both online and over the phone on 07800 787462, they are starting to choose having the races as digital downloads rather than dvds. Did you know? The race files can be opened and played more than once, so you don’t have to worry about them not working if you want to experiment with a race before the race night itself. I ask telephone customers why they are choosing the download version of races and most tell me it is for ease of use. Both dvd players themselves and laptops containing a dvd drive are getting harder and harder to obtain. So by having the races on the desktop of the devise makes the evening run far more easily. Download A Virtual Horse Race Online in 4 Steps For those customers wishing to know a little bit more about how the races work as a download, here is a handy short guide. You receive your download link via an email to your chosen email address. Click on the link and the download starts straight [...]