Fundraising In Public Venues with Horse Race Night Downloads

Hope on the horizon

We are looking forward to May 17th when hopefully more venues will be allowed to open indoors and with sensible social distancing people can start to gather and fundraise once more via our race night products.

It has been a very long time since we have been able to go about life in what we would call a normal manner and speaking to customers they have found it very difficult to raise their much-needed funds. Our thoughts as always go as always to the friends and families who have lost someone to the dreadful Covid 19.

Virtual Horse Race Night Entertainment FREE Download

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Race night fundraising seasons

February to June is usually our busiest time for fundraising along with September to November. December and January everybody is to busy with Christmas and the after-effects of overspending. Likewise, July and August are lost to the holiday season.

So vital fundraising months have been lost in 2021 and that May date mentioned earlier is all the more important to all the sporting teams and others that rely on fundraising.

Virtual Race Night Downloads for Zoom Horse Racing Fun

Supplying parcels outside the UK in Brexit

As a company that supplies to Europe and beyond via Royal Mail International, we have found this difficult since Brexit was completed in January 2021 with us now having to have Customs Classification Codes for our race night products.

I spent a couple of weeks trying to get my head around the many different codes that appeared on the website and finally gave into then applying to the Tariff Classification Service for them to assign codes for me. The reply was not swift caused no doubt by many small businesses similar to me scratching their heads until finally the codes relevant to me arrived via email from HMRC. Another headache out of the way for Race Night Services.

Race Nights as download back ups

Our stock room has never been so full as it is at the moment, boxes and boxes of race night tote betting tickets and race night DVD’s piled high on shelves. We feel that more and more people will turn to our download back up service of the races which before the first lockdown were starting to become popular.

You simply order via our website the pack that you feel will be relevant to the amount of people you think will attend your event. The difference in the pack prices are purely based on the amount of betting tickets you will need on the night itself everything else in the packs remain the same.

Race Night Economy pack £49 up to 50 people attending

Race Night Budget Price Saver £69 up to 100 people attending

Race Night downloads Premier pack £99 up to 200 people attending

Our download back up service means you get all the races as a download direct to your chosen device as well as the DVD, betting tickets and paperwork through the post via Royal Mail as normal.

You order the download back up of the races on the same page on our website as the fundraising packs and when downloaded each race has its own file. Make a folder on your device to make the races easy to locate and the races can be played as many times as you like in any order until you decide to delete them to make more space.

Until next time, best wishes and still stay safe. Derek

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