1 April, 2020

Grand National

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Corporate entertainment may be the inevitable accompaniment of present-day race night events, but the Grand National on Saturday showed that even the privileged may be forced to suffer some of the indignities borne so stoically by Joe Public.  Almost 70,000 people crammed into the archaic racecourse just up the road from Liverpool town centre, and most must have been appalled by the abject misery of facilities offered for a minimum £15 per head in the enclosures.  Heads were about all you could see in most places, unless you were seven feet tall.  The alternatives were to pay £27.50 for a ‘place’ - no seat guaranteed - in the County Stand or, for £50, a more definite spot on the roof of the race night venue.  Other vantage points at more competitive rates give only a fragmental view of proceedings, especially the thrills and spills of the race night itself.  Firms, clubs and race night enthusiasts, bent on enjoying ‘a good day out’ have latched on to British Rail’s race night package.  At only £85, it obviously doesn't include admission to the actual race night itself, but it does include breakfast, dinner and transfers to the racecourse.  Two and a half hours from Euston to Liverpool is pretty good, but it was here that me and my friends were to experience the vicissitudes of life.  The convoy of buses set off in dilatory fashion from Lime Street, but still reached the entrance to the race night around midday.  However, what we [...]

22 January, 2020

Race Night DVD’s 2020 Most Popular Downloads for Fundraising

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Best 2020 Horse Racing DVDs and Race Night Downloads To Buy Online for Charity Fundraising We have been supplying race night DIY products since 1993 and have tailored our range of items to suit all needs and events. You can choose our full packages or just racing DVD’s or tote betting tickets if you are just topping up your race night supplies. Our full packages include all items that you will need both before and on the night of your race night. Most Popular Race Night DVD’s and Tote Tickets If you have ordered from us before our database tells us which races you have had in the past so no worries about people saying they have seen the races before at one your previous fundraising nights! Our Most Popular Packages Race Night DVD's - Fun Names and a Fun Night All our races contain eight runners with a commentary by number which make them ideal for fundraising purposes. As regards to the race card you can use the fun names we have provided or make up names yourself and have a good laugh by using topical names of people in your organisation. Not sure of your requirements? Just drop us a message and we will look at your request in detail and come back to you with ideas to make yours the stand out event. Tips for Organising a Race Night Charity Fundraising Event Most race nights can be organised [...]

9 July, 2015


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I have been involved in running race night events for over twenty years.  During this time, I have compered events at Aintree, Haydock, Cheltenham, Ascot, Newmarket and Doncaster racecourses.  Some of these race night meetings have been corporate events and others have been charity fundraisers. I am often asked which I prefer.  Bearing in mind that it was the fundraising side of things that originally got me involved in the race night business, I feel obliged to say that fundraising is in first place and the corporate work is in second place.  Having said that, the corporate work is a lot more lucrative, so I'm not completely sure which I prefer.  Either way, it would certainly be a photo finish! During the corporate events, I often have time to walk the racecourse or to look out over a balcony and take in the sheer beauty of the winners' enclosure, paddock, finish line and the surrounding scenery.  During a fundraising race night, the betting desk is a sight to behold, with people spending money like it's going out of fashion.  I imagine this is because people know that, even if their chosen horse loses, their hard earned money is going to a charitable cause. During a corporate 'fun money' race night, the sight of people waving around £50 novelty notes, after selecting a winner in the first race, brings a smile to every punter's face.  Some people bet on the horse’s name, others look at the colour of the jockey silks, [...]

9 December, 2014


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It is difficult to miss the man in charge at the race night in Towcester.  Lord Hesketh is very tall and built proportionately.  Like most people who attend race night events, he wears Ray-Bans and a spectacular tweed jacket, and is shod in smart loafers and shocking lime-green socks.  When he walks through the concourses the crowd parts in front of him and racegoers nudge each other and point.  All the glances in his direction are friendly, and well they might be.  More than 6000 spectators attended the most recent meeting, at the race night in Northamptonshire, and not one of them paid a penny in admission charges. Towcester's free entry campaign will be maintained throughout the National Hunt season, but it must not be misconstrued as aristocratic largesse.  Nor is it, as other racecourse owners have suggested, a gimmick.  It is part of a plan to revolutionise the way that this racecourse treats race night customers.  Watching the teeming crowds from the balcony of his splendid private box, Lord Hesketh believes that other race night venues throughout the country are going to have to take notice of what he is doing.  Free entry means that he needs fewer staff.  He doesn't have people tearing race night tickets, and doesn't have to have security men for the gate receipts.  It certainly makes it easier to run a race night.  Before a policy of free admission was implemented, it was quite common for spectators to hop over the fence without paying.  [...]

26 October, 2014

Back to Cheltenham

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This week I did something everyone should do once in their lifetime: I walked the course at the race night in Cheltenham.  There is no special dispensation required, it is an opportunity open to anyone with a ticket for National Hunt's greatest race night; the morning before racing starts, you simply slip under the rails and head off.  Since most Cheltenham-goers restrict their perambulations to the hard yards between the bar and the Tote desk, not many take advantage of this glorious stroll.  Today, as three of us ambled round, reining ourselves in down the long, long slope, panting up the hill and agreeing that anyone who attempts to jump fences that substantial aboard a couple of tons of horseflesh should be referred to a psychiatrist, we had the two and a half miles of undulating Cotswolds almost to ourselves.  Apart, that is, from a steady stream of jockeys jogging round in sweat suits and a chatty Irish stable lad who told us he was walking off the effects of the evening before, when he had won a fortune at a race night in Cheltenham, and celebrated accordingly (and, judging by the evidence lingering on his breath, crash landed in a Hudson River of Guinness).  Plus, the official hole-filling team, a party of some 30 Sikhs patting at the ground with spades, who have cornered the market in smoothing out hoof ruts at every race night in the country. The most astonoshing feature of the race night was reserved for [...]

13 May, 2014


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If you are planning to go to a race night, the Derby, or to Gold Cup day of the Royal Ascot meeting, I wish you luck.  These are great party-days of the racing season when people are far thicker on the ground, food and drinks harder to scrum for, and your chances of seeing the horses more remote than at any other race night event.  Personally, I hate bumping and boring, and would cheerfully exchange them for any ordinary day’s racing at Newbury, Goodwood or York – three picturesque and well-run racecourses. York, the Ascot of the North, is my favourite race night for atmosphere and pampered comfort.  There are always masses of colourful flowers surrounding the criss-cross mown paddock, everyone is terribly friendly, and the walkway around the back of the stands enables you to move about and avoid the crowds.  From here, too, you can see the horses being led into the winners’ enclosure and get an aerial view of the paddock.  The food is better than any other race night I know (after all, we don’t all go racing to see whose horses are running the fastest!)  Some of us regard it as a pleasant day’s outing away from the chores.  The crab and salmon sandwiches have more filling than those served at any other race night venue.  If you want a three-course lunch, I highly recommend the prawns & celery salad, cold turkey & ham sandwich, and green figs.  Should you lose your friends in the [...]